Wastewater Treatment

  • Anionic Polymers

    A range of molecular weight anionic water in oil emulsions suitable for in-line dilution before being added to an application.

  • Cationic Polymers

    A range of linear and structured cationic water in oil emulsions suitable for in-line dilution before being added to an application.

  • Antifoams/Defoamers

    A wide range of very effective products that reduce and hinder the formation of foam in industrial process liquids. A wide variety of chemical formulas are also available to promote the coalescence of foam.

  • Coagulants

    Performance and versatility are just two of the features of Americo’s waste water treatment coagulants. This line of inorganic and organic waste water treatment chemicals begin the process of charge neutralization and colloid destabilization, allowing the precipitants to quickly settle into a dense form.

  • Emulsion Breakers

    We supply a wide array of specialty, basic, and naturally derived chemicals designed to effectively separate oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. Whether it's used oil, slop oil, sludge, oily water, or wastewater, we have chemical products that have been specifically formulated to achieve the highest levels of performance on the most difficult applications.

  • Flocculants

    Highly concentrated products effective at extremely small concentrations using state of the art, cost-effective polymers where efficient precipitation of solids in the most demanding waste water applications.

  • Lime Slurry Blends

    Free flowing products that consist of a suspension of calcium hydroxide in water. The products are user-friendly, cost-effective alkali and are used for municipal water treatment, pH adjustment, metals precipitation and odor control.

  • Metal Scavengers

    Americo Metal Scavengers offer a variety of complementary solutions for efficient removal and economic recovery of precious metal contamination from products and organic or aqueous process streams.

  • Oil Reclamation Aids

    Americo Chemical provides oil reclamation aids including filter elements specifically designed to meet the needs of high speed oil flushers/reclaimers. These aids help oil reclamation experts hit their ISO counts as quickly as possible, while providing high dirt holding capacity, low pressure drop and cost effective solutions.