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Custom Toll-Blended Process Chemicals

Custom Toll-Blended Process Chemicals

How can custom chemical solutions save me money?

Many manufacturers do not prioritize chemistry when looking for cost-savings. If they do, they may look to save money by cutting up-front costs, seeking out the lowest-cost supplier possible.

Custom chemistry can provide much more value! Here’s how:

Reduce wear and tear on equipment

How can custom chemical solutions save me money?

Every piece of manufacturing equipment has a lifespan. We can customize lubricants and cutting fluids to extend the lifespan of your equipment. For instance, we may introduce additives to offer better cooling or reduce friction on wear parts like drills and cutting edges. This keeps your equipment working its best while reducing repair and maintenance requirements.

Improve manufacturing quality

How can custom chemical solutions save me money?

We can add value to your process by improving the quality of your end product. Precision metal pretreatments can improve cut quality while increasing production speed. Better coatings can result in more resilient parts and components.

Increased health and safety compliance

How can custom chemical solutions save me money?

Keeping your employees healthy and happy is crucial to your facility’s productivity and profitability. Custom chemical solutions can help in two ways. We can help you find safer chemical blends that are less harmful to exposed workers. We can also help limit exposure to other contaminants like dust and metal shavings by adjusting viscosity and other properties in your process fluids.

Reduced environmental and 
cleanup costs

How can custom chemical solutions save me money?

Manufacturing waste management can be incredibly costly. We can help you reduce the cost and complexity of waste and wastewater management by diluting or neutralizing particularly harmful waste products or making cleanup easier through the addition of flocculants or coagulants.

Finding Your Solution

We employ a consultative process to identify best-fit solutions for each client. Our Total Systems Approach looks at every stage of your process to find and address inefficiencies. If your facility has particularly unique needs, you may be interested in our manufacturing process consulting service.

  • "For the six years we've worked with Americo’s team, they have always gone above and beyond to make sure the customer is satisfied. Our sales rep always available to help with the application of products, fix problems, bounce ideas off, etc. In a world where it seems customer service is less and less of a focus, I have zero complaints about our experience working with our rep and Americo as a whole. Keep up the good work!"

    -Industrial Machinery Manufacturing

  • "We are very happy with the work your sales rep has done for us. I have not heard any negative feedback about Americo. Changing suppliers can be a challenge, it can come with resistance and negativity, over the past year we have continued to implement our changing to Americo, and we look forward to completing the implementation fully."

    -Metal Products Manufacturing Company

  • "Americo does an excellent job of staying on top of all our needs and is very quick to respond and help us solve any issues that arise, both from a cleaning and paint perspective. As a result of their performance, we are very confident in marketing our paint process and are confident that we are putting out a high quality product in the agriculture marketplace"

    -Fabricated Metal Products Company

  • "We have used multiple chemical suppliers during my time of employment here, and Americo is by far the best supplier we have had. The technical assistance is outstanding and they are always willing to help with any type of project. Would be happy to recommend Americo to any company looking to switch chemical suppliers."

    -Powder and Liquid Coating Company

  • "We’ve had a few other chemical suppliers prior to Americo and because of their service and overall performance, I would never consider switching to another chemical supplier! Their support during testing and trials give us peace of mind, ensuring our washers meet specification with proper documentation. Your service and technical support sets you apart from all the other chemical suppliers. Thank you for everything you have done for our company."

    -Powder Coating Company

Manufacturing chemistry that improves your ROI

Manufacturing chemistry that improves your ROI

Are your chemicals getting the job done?

Manufacturing processes rely on a wide range of chemicals. Many facilities use generic chemistry for their processes. While commodity chemicals have a lower up-front price than custom engineered solutions, they may contribute to long-term inefficiencies that cost more money than they save.

Custom chemistry can address the specific needs of your process and facility. We engineer chemicals that improve equipment longevity, reduce downtime for repair and maintenance, and mitigate environmental and cleanup costs.

With over 35 years of industry expertise, we have an answer for your most pressing chemical process challenges. Whether you’ve already identified the custom formulation you need, or you want help identifying the right solution, we’re here to help. From coatings to cutting fluid, we have a solution that suits your needs.

Our Product Specialties

Though we provide a wide range of commodity and custom chemicals for all kinds of manufacturers, our particular specializations include metalworking fluids, metal treatments and coatings, and process wastewater chemistry.

Not sure if we offer what you’re looking for? Ask one of our experts today!

Interested in our product applications?

Interested in our product applications?

Our agile processes enable us to work with clients of any size. Our advanced blending facility allows us to offer “just in time” manufacture and delivery of most process chemicals. Whether you’re a small facility or a massive outfit, we have the capacity to serve you.

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