Manufacturing Products

  • Acids

    Americo Acids are used to provide a high quality, oxide-free metal for finishing during the pickling operation. An effective acid minimizes acid attack on the base metal once the scale has been removed, protecting the surface and optimizing acid utilization. Americo provides a complete product line of Acid Commodities, Acid Inhibitors, Acid Preps, Acid Salts, and Acid Wetters.

  • Acid/Alkaline Complex Oxide Pretreatments

    Americo Acid and Alkaline Complex Oxide conversion coatings are used for galvanized steel products. This process is capable of developing excellent organic adhesion over an extremely wide variety of hot-dip galvanized steel surfaces as well as provides the following benefits/advantages: spray or immersion processing, produces a stable, inert base for paint and coating adhesion, and Improved flexibility over crystalline surface treatments.

  • Acrylic Coatings

    Americo has many solutions for your metal finishing needs. High performance and quality appearance can be achieved using environmentally friendly high solids, waterborne or 100% solids liquid coatings, with low or zero Volatile Organic Content (VOC).

  • Cleaners

    Americo In-process Cleaners work with all different types of metals and meet special demands including: waste water treatment concerns, foaming properties, safety in handling, and spray vs. immersion washing machines. They are compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, environmentally “friendly”, easily managed by a variety of waste-treatment facilities, and low-alkaline for improved worker safety.

  • Conventional Pretreatments

    Americo high and low temperature iron phosphates designed for steel substrates provide maximum corrosion protection performance. Can be used as both a starter or a replenisher package.

  • Dry-In-Place Pretreatments

    These Americo pretreatments are formulated for aluminum, galvanized steel, aluminum rich zinc/aluminum steel alloys and cold rolled steel. The pretreatment produces a uniform, nonmetallic coating which improves adhesion, inhibits corrosion and increases the durability of paint finishes.

  • Dry-Film Lubricants

    These Americo bonded dry film lubricants start out as high performance, paint-like coatings consisting of fine particles of lubricating pigments blended with a binder and special additives. After application and proper curing, these lubricants bond to the surface and form a solid film, which reduces friction, and greatly increases wear life. Many Americo dry film lubricants also contain special rust inhibitors which offer exceptional corrosion protection in harsh environments.

  • Passivation Products

    Americo Products are used for a wide-range of industrial passivating applications including Chrome-based and Non-chrome-based solutions. These products offer good general passivating results on steel surfaces. They are suitable for the following applications: Passivation after pickling, passivation after mechanical treatments such as grinding, brushing, blasting etc, removal of discolorations (black/brown spots) during pickling, removal of free iron, reducing the formation of toxic nitric fumes during pickling, and they prevent water staining caused by poor rinse water.

  • Rinse Aids

    Aqueous, alkaline, or near-neutral solutions. Used to enhance cleaning efficiency, corrosion protection of metals, and foam control of cleaner solutions. They are typically used as a final step in a cleaning process to gain improved cleaning and protection performance.

  • Sealers

    Americo provides a variety of Chrome & Non-Chrome Sealers, Finish Coats, and Sealers for Chromate Conversion Coatings.

  • Stearate and Polymer Draw Lubricants

    Americo Draw Lubricants consist of general purpose, widely utilized grades of Stearates with applications primarily in the paint, polymer and petroleum oil industries. Americo Polymer Lubricants are used in the metal industries and contain highly-concentrated raw materials which enable increased die life, higher drawing speeds, greater production efficiencies and better metal surface quality.

  • Vapor Degreasing Replacements

    Americo provides a line of highly stabilized vapor degreasing replacements designed to operate in both open-top and vacuum vapor degreasers. These products effectively remove oil, grease, adhesive, resin, flux residue and various waxes.