• Cleaners

    The removal of soils from the metal surface is of paramount importance as the first step in producing high quality finished goods. The nature of these soils varies as well as the substrates. At Americo we formulate both spray and immersion cleaners that are specifically designed to target the removal of each soil type and prevent it from redepositing. These cleaners include: Alkaline, Acid, Neutral, Citrus, Electro, surfact-based, 10W/Ambient temps, and in-process.

  • Descalers

    Americo Descalers are used to remove oxides and scales on a variety of different substrates and equipment, these products are available in a variety of formulations. We offer both acid and alkali blends in powder and liquid form to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

  • Metalworking/Cutting Fluids & Draw Lubricants

    Americo Metalworking/Cutting Fluids & Lubricants are used to reduce heat and friction and to remove metal particles in industrial machining and grinding operations. There are numerous formulations, ranging from straight oils to water-based fluids, which include soluble oils and semi-synthetic/synthetic fluids.

  • Iron Phosphate

    Iron phosphate coatings have been used extensively in the metal working industry since the early 1900’s. Applied primarily to ferrous substrates, although aluminum and zinc substrates are sometimes part of the metal mix. Americo supplies a range of high-end iron phosphates for both spray and immersion applications. Our array of products include various accelerators, fluoride and non-fluoride, as well as a full line of ambient temperature iron phosphate products.

  • Clean and Iron Phosphate

    Americo supplies a multitude of combinations cleaner and iron phosphate products for both spray and immersion applications. These products provide excellent simultaneous cleaning and phosphating for ferrous and non-ferous substrates. Americo has superior clean and phosphates that utiliza accelerators, some that contain fluoride for multimetal applications, and others that operate at ambient temperature.

  • Zinc Phosphate

    Zinc phosphate is a versatile pre treatment which can provide different advantageous properties. The two key areas Americo focuses on are pre-paint treatments and as a lubricant retention aid for drawing, forming, or decoration.

  • Manganese Phosphate

    Americo’s manganese phosphate products provide an excellent coating for corrosion resistance and lubricity. They produce superior friction and abrasion reducing properties.

  • Rinse Aids

    Americo’s rinse aids are designed to reduce the surface tension of rinse water thus improving drainage of water from parts. This will assist in the displacement of water salts therefore minimizing water spotting on clean substrates.

  • Rust & Corrosion Inhibitors/Preventatives

    Americo has a complete line of both temporary and permanent rust and corrosion preventatives for all substrates. Permanent rust preventatives provide excellent long term outdoor rust protection. Temporary rust preventative provide excellent indoor rust protection as well as some outdoor protection. Americo’s temporary rust preventatives are easily removed in most aqueous cleaning systems.

  • Chrome Sealers

    Chrome Sealers contain a mixture of chromium compounds as well as other acids for use in a pretreatment process. We supply both dry-in-place and rinsable versions.

  • Non-Chrome Sealers

    Americo’s advanced line of non-chrome sealers provides an environmentally acceptable alternative to hazardous chrome containing products. Our line of non-chrome products include both dry-in-place and reactive as we products that do not need DI/RO for cases where it is not available.

  • Transition Metal Pretreatments

    Americo has a full line of innovative transition metal pretreatment products. These products provide a green alternative to iron and zinc phosphate with equal to or in most cases superior performance. Transition metal conversion coatings operate at ambient temperature and are completely regulated heavy metal-free.


    Our product line includes low phosphate and non-phosphate versions as well as combination products that incorporate excellent cleaning ability for simultaneous cleaning and coating.