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Americo Chemical representatives understand that every manufacturing facility is unique, even virtually identical plants can have different challenges through incoming water quality, plant equipment, or local environmental restrictions. Our highly experienced personnel understand that every input to a system does affect the overall operation and will evaluate your process using an engineered total system approach.


Something that seems as simple as selecting a cleaner for a multi-stage washer is actually highly complex when you strive for the best and most cost effective results. Every operation has unique soils that have to be removed from their parts, but that is only part of the equation. By examining the way that soils react over time with the cleaner solution; foaming, sludging and scaling tendencies, can all be minimized. Determining the most cost effective bath life is not as simple as maximizing the number of days between bath dumps; replenishment rates, PM costs and lost efficiency of heat exchangers, must all be considered and can increase costs. Any effect the chemistry will have downstream, both in subsequent stages of a washer and in the waste water treatment system, must also be considered.


At Americo we are truly committed to an “Engineered Total System Approach”


Americo has the experience and technical ability to provide the best possible chemical solutions for every process and will expedite the development of unique custom blended chemical solutions for any customer when needed.


Americo can supply all of your chemical needs from the best performing pretreatment chemistries, including Phosphates, Complex Oxides, and Transition Metal Technology, to high performance paint strippers and everything in between!


Americo Chemical- “It’s how you want to finish.”

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